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VLA Ionospheric and Transient Experiment (VLITE)


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Refereed Papers that use VLITE data or mention VLITE:

  • Murphy et al.: A search for long-time-scale, low-frequency radio transients, 2017, MNRAS, 466, 1944
  • Polisensky et al.: Exploring the Transient Radio Sky with VLITE: Early Results, 2016, ApJ, 832, 60
  • Straal et al.: HESS J1943+213: A Non-classical High-frequency-peaked BL Lac Object, 2016, ApJ, 822, 117
  • Helmboldt et al.: Observations of the ionospheric impact of M-class solar flares on local and hemispheric scales, 2015, ESS, 2, 387
  • Ogrean et al.: Frontier Fields Clusters: Chandra and JVLA View of the Pre-merging Cluster MACS J0416.1-2403, 2015, ApJ, 812, 153

Proceedings Papers:

  • Clarke et al.: Commensal low frequency observing on the NRAO VLA: VLITE status and future plans, 2016, Proc. SPIE 9906, Ground-based and Airborne Telescopes VI, 99065B
  • Clarke et al.: The VLA Low-band Ionosphere and Transient Experiment (VLITE): A Commensal Sky Survey (March 2016), 2016, arXiv:1603.03080
  • Clarke et al.: The VLA Low-band Ionosphere and Transient Experiment (VLITE): A Commensal Sky Survey (October 2015), 2015, EXTRA-RADSUR2015, 019
  • Kassim et al.: A new era for low frequency Galactic center transient monitoring, 2013, Proc. IAS, 9, 458

Conference Abstracts:

  • Clarke et al.: Surveying the Sky at Low Frequencies with the Commensal VLITE System, 2017, AASTCS5 Radio Exploration of Planetary Habitability
  • Kassim et al.: Update on the Commensal VLA Low-band Ionosphere and Transient Experiment (VLITE), 2017, AAS Meeting #229
  • Kassim et al.: Low Frequencies on the NRAO VLA and the NRL VLA Low-band Ionosphere and Transient Experiment (VLITE), 2015, IAU General Assembly, Meeting #29
  • Kassim et al.: The Low Band Observatory (LOBO): Expanding the VLA Low Frequency Commensal System for Continuous, Broad-band, sub-GHz Observations, 2015, AAS Meeting #225
  • Helmboldt, J.: Ionospheric Disturbances Observed with the VLA Ionosphere and Transient Experiment (VLITE), 2014, AGU Fall Meeting 2014
  • Kassim et al.: The Low Band Observatory (LOBO): A VLA-based Radio LSST for Continuous, sub-GHz Observations in the LSST Era, 2014, AAS Meeting #223

White Papers:

  • Taylor et al.: A Next Generation Low Band Observatory: A Community Study Exploring Low Frequency Options for ngVLA, 2017, arXiv:1708.00090
  • Clarke et al.: White Paper: Radio Emission and Polarization Properties of Galaxy Clusters with VLASS, 2014, arXiv:1401.0329


  • Kassim et al.: VLITE meter-wavelength detection of V404 Cyg at 341 MHz, 2015, ATel #7728

NRL Press Releases:

  • Parry, D.: NRL Brightens Perspective of Mysterious Mini-Halos, 2017
  • McKinney, D.: Astronomy in the Fast Lane: New System Watches for Things that Go Bump in the Night, 2015
  • Parry, D.: Seeing Double: New System Makes the VLA ''Two Telescopes in One'', 2013
  • Parry, D.: Scientists Bring Low Frequency, 'First Light' to the Jansky Very Large Array, 2012

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